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Just wanted to say: you are a miracle worker! I spent hundreds of dollars sending my daughter to dermatologists, and on medications, creams, lotions, etc… I am so happy we found you and my daughters skin looks AMAZING! – Lisa


I came to you as a freshman in high school With very bad acne all over my face. I used to wear a lot of makeup to cover all of it up and I didn’t really have any confidence because of the condition of my skin. During my first facial I was in tears because my skin was so painful and I just wanted to get it better. After the facial my skin changed drastically. I am now a senior in high school and I rarely ever have break outs and if I do it’s very minor. You have completely changed my life. I tried Proactiv, Clinique and even an antibiotic from a dermatologist but you were the only person that helped me when none of those products worked. Thank you so much Sofya! – Allie


Before I came to you, I was miserable. I never wanted to look anyone straight in the face because of how embarrassed I was of my acne. I was going to a dermatologist for about 8 months who prescribed heavy duty antibiotics ad topical treatments. All this made my skin worse. If fact, it spread to my chest, back, and arms. After a consultation with you, I felt a shard of hope. Improvement came immediately after your first treatment. And now almost 2 months later my acne is cleared and I feel I can go off to college no longer embarrassed of my appearance. I would like to sincerely thank you Sofya for your optimism and expert knowledge and giving me confidence to hang in there with you. – Banks


This might sound cliché, but I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. When I first came to you, my face was red, extremely swollen and covered with nasty pimples. I have never had skin problems before so it was a shock to me that my face had turned into this. I went to multiple dermatologists, but nothing worked. A friend referred me to you and boy am I grateful for that. Not only did I get exceptional skin care but I also learned a lot about myself and my lifestyle. After coming to this salon for the last 2 years, I live a healthier, stress-free, and clean life. You are the one I owe all of this to and I’m so grateful for your services. Also, Anna is by far the best for waxing that I have ever encountered. The work she does is immaculate and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Thank you so much, I love you both more than you know. – Tiki


When I started coming here, you were my last hope before accutane. I had tried literally everything and nothing had helped. I was at my end and hated seeing people and going to work. You were the first person to look deeper than just on the surface of the issue; you looked at the cause. Thank you for my beautiful skin. – Nicole


I’m thrilled with the beautiful shaping of my eyebrows done by Anna. How lucky am I to know of someone with such talent and a sweet young lady…lucky me. I must send my friend another note thanking her again for sharing this treasure with me. – Paula


Thank you. I really appreciate all you have done for my skin. You are a beautiful person. – Sammy Whitney Miss SCV


In just over a month’s time you have helped so much in clearing up Brian’s face. High school football and hormones cause Brian’s acne to break out uncontrollably. Dermatologists were not able to help him with medication, but your facials, treatments, and nutritional counseling made the difference for him. His skin looks so much better which has made him a much happier teenager. We appreciate your dedication. – Nick


I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and Anna. Your products are unbelievable. The resurfacing facials I get have gotten me a lot of compliments. – Casey


Thank you so very much for your kindness and for your loving heart. – Thanks again, Brandi


I want to thank you for being the wonderful, special person that you are. Also, thank you for being a friend and helping me take care of myself. – Stephanie


Wow Sofya!! My skin looks amazing! I remember having acne problems since I was 10 years old and always feeling uncomfortable about my skin. When I started Junior High School, it began to be a really bad problem and I tried EVERYTHING! All of the latest acne treatments, Proactiv, the dermatologist, and nothing seemed to help. When I came to you, I was willing to do anything, I was determined to make it work. My skin started to get better so quickly. Thank you so much, you’ve changed my life for the better along with making my skin beautiful. – Love, Ariana

We so enjoy coming to Sofya’s. My daughter and I always leave feeling cared for and pampered. We appreciate all you TLC you give us. – Love, Angie, Alyssa, and Aimee


I don’t know where to start. The waxing, facials, and massages are such a rejuvenating experience for my mind, body and soul. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. – Melissa


Just a quick note to let the both of you know how honored I am to have met you. Sofya, you taught me how to take care of my skin and ways to remember, that your skin is one of your most important assets. Anna, you always keep my face looking nice with the finishing touches on my eyebrows. You ladies are so sweet. Thank you for everything. – Danielle


You guys are awesome! I wouldn’t go to any other place. Thanks so much! – Amy


Thank you for ALWAYS helping me and my daughter, Dawn, with keeping our skin clean and healthy. – Renee and Dawn


When I first started coming to you, you were my last hope before Accutane. I had tried literally every skin care line and nothing had helped. You were the first person to look deeper than what was on the surface, you looked at the CAUSE. In the first consultation, you had me on a facial and diet regimen, and sure enough my face cleared up. Later I was having issues again, and once again, you figured it out. Now I have healthy skin! Thank you! – Nikki


Thank you so much for the wonderful treatments. You have done wanders to my skin! The first time I came into you salon, I had a positive feeling that this was the only solution. Sofya has extensive knowledge and information about skin and acne. I had terrible cystic acne and after 4 treatments, Sofya did wanders to my skin. I can honestly say that I can walk out the door with minimal to no face powder at all. I’m so happy to say that Sofya’s is your only solution to all your skin dilemmas. I sincerely thank you for all your help. My best regards, Salpie


It is so interesting that you have waxed my eyebrows for 15 years! You guys are always so kind and caring. I want to thank you for helping me with my skin and eyebrows, and consequently my self confidence. But what keeps me as your client is your friendship. I am so happy for you and wish you the best of luck. Judging by the looks of your schedule book, I know that you will be very successful and busy for a very long time! – Best wishes, Heather


Thank you so much Sofya! I tried every face wash/treatment out there before I came to you. And boy am I grateful that I found you at last. Now I am writing this as a healthy, beautiful, more confident woman. Thanks for everything! – Brittany


My skin was a mess when I walked in that “blessed day”. Pimples everywhere. Now I have beautiful skin and I take care of myself from the inside and out. I never thought my face would be clear. I have been everywhere! I thank Sofya and Anna for their kindness. Sometimes I just stop by to say hello. They are my Angels! P.S. Even my daughter (4yrs old) tells me to see Sofya’s if she sees a breakout. – Lilly C “The Puertorrican”


You’re an amazing woman, Sofya! Thank you for everything you have done for me and my face throughout the years. You are an inspiration – when you touch my face, it’s like magic happens. Thank you for the advice with skin care, diet, etc… It has truly been a blessing meeting you. – Love Always, Kim


I was fortunate enough to try a massage here and was very happy and pleased with the service. I’ve had many different massages before, but never anything like this! I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing, and felt amazing after. Can’t wait to book my next massage appointment! – Laura


Thank you both for the amazing service, the warmth with which you always treat me, and most of all for helping me look my best. – Warmly, Elaina

Thank you for all of your hard work and advice! I had tried everything to achieve clear skin – medications, creams, lotions …Then my sister brought me here a few months before my wedding. You worked with me, gave me tips, and motivated me to not give up. It is the week before my wedding, and I am not worried about my skin! I can’t thank you enough for the confidence and piece of mind you have given me. My skin looks great and I have never felt so comfortable in it! – Thank you again! Love, Christina


My friend referred me to your masseuse and told me she was wonderful. So I decided to come in and see what she was raving about. Well she was right! I was very relaxed and felt very comfortable during my massage. I have been a client ever since and glad I got referred to such a great and professional place. – Patty


Thank you so much Sofya for your help. You are the best. My skin is doing so much better since I started coming here. Your advice and recommendations have helped me a lot. I know you have my friendship and I have yours. God bless you and thank you so much. – Flor


I have to say I was very satisfied with my massage that I received not long ago. I have already been a client of Sofya’s and finally had extra time to get a massage as well. It was such a calming and wonderful massage. One of the things I was very impressed with is that Katharine knew exactly which parts of my body needed the right pressure. I felt great right after the massage and the following day. Now I try and find more time for my massages! – Heather


Thank you so much Sofya! I tried every face wash/treatment out there before I came to you. And boy am I grateful that I found you at last. Now I am writing this as a healthy, beautiful, more confident woman. Thank your for everything! , Brittany


Thank you so much for saving my skin! It is crazy to think I just came here one day to get my eyebrows done, and now I come for my skin too. Right when we met, you knew you could save my skin. I came for a facial and learned what was causing my acne. You taught me so much in just that one day that I was willing to listen and carry out everything you said. Sure enough, you knew what you were talking about! I am now a healthier girl with clearer skin and I could not be happier! I love you so much and you have been such a blessing to my life! – Love, Kayla


Thank you sooo much for always doing such an amazing job. I travel all the way from Oregon just to see you. I’ve tried several different waxing places, and none compare to the quality you give each and every time. What you do is an art! – Thanks again, Kalyn


Thank you so, so much for your loving, kind heart. I truly appreciate all you have done for me, not only for my face, but for my well being. I look up to you, you’re an inspiration to me. You have worked miracles on my face. You for sure “save faces”! Thanks again for all the wonderful advice, you’re a miracle worker. I truly mean that. – Love, Kim


Continued thanks for almost 10 years and heavenly facials and beautiful eyebrows. I wish you continued success in your business and look forward to another 10 years! – Jennifer


Thank you for showing me I can have beautiful, clear skin without the use of medicine. You changed my life when you showed me this. Thank you…thank you!!! You are a true talent. – Kathy


Thank you so much for all your wonderful customer service throughout the years. I really love when someone compliments me on my “young” looking skin. I say it’s all because of Sofya. – Jessica


I cannot believe I found a place that is so friendly and almost like a family away from home. I live in San Francisco, when I do get the opportunity to come out here, the second I land I’m on my way to Sofya’s. Very nice people and a job well done. – Natalie


I could never thank you enough for ALL you have done. You have transformed my face. Your professional service has made this year very special for me. – Sandy


Thank you for your honesty. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy being your client. You are great at your job and make me feel special and pampered. I look forward to being your client for a long time. – Thanks again, Jamie